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Moving Mayhem

Hello and sorry for the late post! I've had to piece it together during my breaks at work, so it might be a little scatterbrained.

We're almost out of our old place and have been living in our new place for almost a week now! (Pictures to come) The pets adapted better than we could've hoped after two nights of isolation so they could get used to their new home, most of my books fit onto the shelves I had left, and I've only slipped on the steps down to the new place once. All in all, a successful job in my opinion.

Still, moving has played hell with my writing schedule. Nights I would otherwise spend writing, relaxing, or playing video games now get devoted to packing, lifting, unpacking, and mourning the two bookshelves that essentially exploded in the moving van.

So my writing time that was already fairly squished disappeared. I did manage to finish chapter 19 of Avalon, which puts me past the climax and onto the resolution stage of the story, so I'm in the home stretch. Unfortunately, I've got a lot to get through in what I hope will be 3-4 chapters, not limited to the destruction of my MC's relationship, a scene I've been wanting to write since I began, and setting up the threads for the still unnamed third book in the series.

On the plus side, my theatre group just finished their latest production so I do have more time than I did before. I'm planning on bowing out of the group after this, despite how much I like doing it, because it's such a massive time commitment. Three hours a night, five days a week, of unpaid labor that I've had to drop my other hobbies for.

One of my fencing buddies helped me move and joked that he thought I'd moved out of town because I haven't been to practice in months. My DM is getting annoyed that I can't make game nights because of rehearsal. My friendship with my old college roommate is on the verge of disintegrating because I'm never free when she's awake. And my writing... well it's hard to write during rehearsal when you're supposed to be calling lines or light changes. This was supposed to be a one time thing where I'd help with their show and be done with it.

It's fun, but draining and I'd rather be doing other things. I just hope that my friendship with the directer and stage manager survives the split. Also the professional relationship, as I do their taxes for free.

Well that turned into less of a positive and more me griping about being guilted into doing more shows. Regardless, I have more time now and I hope to finish Avalon before my editor finishes with Haven. If I like her work I might ask for a quote for a developmental edit. Heaven knows I'll need one. Avalon's first draft is better than Haven's was, but I'm under no delusions about it's exact quality. As a wise writer once said, the end is just the beginning.

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