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A World of Building Part One

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

So, despite my best efforts, I have missed another two weeks. I do have an excuse, but since I always have an excuse I'll leave it be.

In this post I want to talk a little about the world of Haven and Avalon (More properly, the Fae Queen's Court). When you get down to it, it's not too different from our world partially because it is set in our world. Or, to put it in a more accurate way, it's set in our world fifty years in the future (2068ish) after a series of events that noticeably did not happen in 2018.

The premise here is that in 2018 a lovelorn man(that's not important) created twelve races of mythical beings through genetic engineering and a second, unknown, force (that is) in an attempt to woo his former fiance back to his side. It's not a spoiler to say that it doesn't work.

Regardless of whether he succeeded or failed, there were now twelve non-human racing sharing the planet with us and everyone knows how good the average human is at sharing.

It started out as well as could be expended. All twelve races of Fae numbered in the upper hundreds and were concentrated in a relatively underpopulated part of the US. This being a story and all, that didn't last. Soon the Fae were everywhere and no one knew what to do with them, much less themselves.

The important thing to remember is that all of this started with the best of intentions. People honestly just wanted to help the Fae, either by restoring them to their natural form or by making them as comfortable as possible. The path to hell being paved with good intentions and all that.

The Fae were, at the best, turned into lab rats. At worst, they were enslaved and straight out killed. Being sentient beings, it didn't take long for the Fae to fight back against this treatment. What followed was a bloody war that pretty much ruined the Rocky Mountain region for human habitation.

The Fae won by the skin of their teeth and I do mean that literally. Even one more day's delay and they'd have been wiped out.

But that didn't happen and the Fae were free to withdraw to their Havens. Baring the occasional and increasingly uncommon change, the Fae pretty much dropped out of human contact.

The Fae are ruled by a group of twenty-five people called the Founders. They acted as generals, healers, and teachers during the war and pretty much kept those roles afterward. They're also the firstborn of their race, a male and female chosen specifically because they met their creator's vision of what a (fill in the blank) should be to guide their race. The Founders are in turn led by the Fae Queen, the only Founder without a match and the firstborn Fae overall.

They have an as of yet unexplained bond to the rest of their race that gives them a degree of omnipotence and unmatched control, but also binds them to their people. It can't be passed, can't be ignored, and can't be undone. The Founders are in it for life and, as they don't seem to age, that seems like it'll be a very long time indeed.

The Founders aren't necessarily or even usually a married couple, despite the biblical overtones there. Some among them are, of course, married, but it's more common to have familial or platonic bonds. There's a mother and her son, a pair of twins, two cousins, six pairs that decided they were better off as friends, and one set that tolerates each other long enough to rule their people but not beyond that. Also two married couples.

This is important stuff because the part of me with no faith in humanity knows people will try to ship the Founders and I want to nip that off in the bud.

Surprisingly, the Founders are pretty devoted to keeping power from their own hands. They might be in charge, but better to have someone who is both liked and knows what they're doing setting up your law system then to do it yourself and mess everything up for generations to come. You earn your rank among the Fae, despite the chosen/messiah figure of their leaders.

That's enough for now, but be sure to come back for A World of Building Part Two, which will have some more details about each race in particular. I had a lot of fun designing the Fae, so I'm looking forward to it.

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